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Posted by on Jun 2, 2013 in Julie | 1 comment

Julie’s Diary Part 2


Well hello everyone. I’m so glad that you could join me once again. And it’s so nice to meet all you new people too. If you haven’t heard of me before (and if you haven’t, then where HAVE you been my darlings?) then I’m Julie.

I’m a PA for a big local letting and estate agent. And let me tell you, we only deal with the best properties. I demand the highest quality in every aspect of my life – if you want to be in my world then I expect you to work hard for it.

That high demand for quality extends to my tree specialists. And believe me when I tell you, in the Tree Huggers I’ve managed to get my hands on the best boys for the job. Oh yes.

2013-05-10 13.14.10

You see, only recently I found myself in a bit of a pickle. I was looking after a property for a landlord – giving it my usual slinky and professional touch of course – and it became apparent that 5 trees needed pruning. However one of the leafy lovelies in question had a Tree Preservation Order  on it, so there was only ever going to be one solution. I needed instant gratification on this job – well, the deadlines were so tight you see. I needed might and muscle – but also brains too. I needed a hug – from a Tree Hugger.

These boys only satisfy – they never disappoint. As quick as a shot, they came down to take a look before advising me on what needed to be done. Did I mention how thorough these boys are too? No? Well – they were straight on the phone to the council and did all the relevant liaising for me. All I had to do then was sit back and watch the hunks get down to work with their sizeable chopping equipment.

2013-02-08 12.32.34

I have to say, I was left breathless at the professional job that they did. They did a 4m reduction on three of the trees, and a 20% prune and crown clean on the other two.

 4 images

 But they didn’t stop there. Oh no, not my attentive arborists. You may remember that the divine, delectable Drew came round to pay me a visit one evening? Well – he’d spied my conifers and given them a good looking over from top to bottom. And while my boys were waiting for the Tree Preservation Order to come through on the other job, they set about my long line of leylandii conifers and reduced them to form a delightful long hedge. They did such a beautiful job too – it allowed my neighbours more light for their gardens – and more for me too when I eventually choose to strip off and sunbathe… should we ever get a summer that is…

2 garden pics

And I was SO happy with the price

Did I also happen to mention that I enjoyed watching the boys with their chipper…? 2013-02-14 18.10.58

Well, they certainly do know how to handle their equipment, and I do so love to watch…

Until next time, ciao.

Julie x x

PS: A few of you cheeky people have asked for me to post some photographs online… how naughty of you. However, I have decided to relent to your wishes… so here are some ‘before and after’ shots… enjoy, darlings…

The Team x 2

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