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Posted by on Aug 31, 2013 in Julie | 0 comments

Julie’s Diary Part 4

Oh hello there, I wasn’t expecting you so soon, so please excuse my appearance!

This is of course my best silk dressing gown – I always take it away with me when staying away from home as one never knows who you might meet. I always like to look my best – day or night. So – take in the view. Isn’t it stunning? No – not me! Gosh, you’re so cheeky – what shall we do with you?

No – I meant take a look at the view outside the window, Knowleston Gardens, so pretty this time of year.

Knowleston Place

It’s lovely to wake up in fresh Egyptian cotton bed linen, and to then look out at this pretty view. That’s the beauty of the Glendon Bed and Breakfast @GlendonBandB where I’m currently staying in Matlock. The two delightful fellows who run this establishment are wonderful – they truly do tend to my every whim and ensure that my stay in the Peak District is as luxurious and relaxing as I could possibly wish. Truly 5* service boys – thank you.

Glendon Eqyptian   Glendon welcome   Glendon breakfast

I’m staying here as part of a networking weekend. You know me – I’m ever the social butterfly, flitting from tree to tree, flower to flower. I love to meet new people and spend time getting to know them – the more intimately the better of course. Always nice to know what makes people tick.

This weekend promises to be a good one. As I sit here, sipping a cool glass of English wine,

Final AVwine Banner v5

bought earlier from our friends at the @Englishwineshop, considering which slinky dress to wear tonight to impress the gathered business people of Derbyshire, I take another look outside. So peaceful here. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a while – I’m networking with the wonderful @AVYourSayLIVE networking group. And if you haven’t heard of them, then you really need to open your eyes.

AYourSay header

AVYourSay is the online networking hour that takes place on Twitter every Tuesday night between 8 and 9pm. It’s a great way to unwind after a busy day at work and such good fun. I was chatting to the divine Paul from @AmberValleyInfo last Tuesday; he told me all about the AVYourSayLIVE event and invited me along. Such a sweetie. There are so many lovely people out there, chatting away and making new friends. And the beauty of being online is that no-one can see you, so it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. Or not wearing, as the case has sometimes been for me… well, it’s just been so hot lately, hasn’t it?

Speaking of hot, that reminds me… my favourite Derbyshire arborists will be here soon – oh… in fact… they’re outside my window right now, getting their equipment out. It’s a hot day and I can see how sweaty they are… I hope they don’t see me as I peek from behind the curtain but oh, I do love to watch them as they get down to it…

Truck edit   Men at work   Hanging Log   Manicured tree

I had to give them a call. It took me a little while to find the Glendon, and that was down to the fact that the trees at the entrance were blocking the view from the road. I’d driven past it a number of times before I found it. So I thought I should let the lovely gentlemen here know – and to inform them that I also knew just the men to solve their problem. They were incredibly grateful and so I padded upstairs in my new red stilettos to tweet them @TreeHugga they monitor twitter 24/7.

Glendon beforeGlendon after

Here they are now, mmm… perspiring men in the sunshine, getting to work while I watch – this is just like having my own personal Diet Coke break. Only its #EnglishWine that I’m gently sipping at – and it’s so cooling and refreshing. This is one of a couple of bottles that I have bought with me – the other is chilling nicely in my fridge. Thank heavens for @AmberValleyWine & the @Englishwineshop who provided it for me, (I adopted a vine you know!)


– it’s just what I needed to calm myself and quench my thirst while I watch those Tree Hugger hunks.

Duncan from Amber Valley Wines will be there tonight, as will the delectable Drew from those delicious Tree Huggers. There are some lovely ladies there too – the gorgeous Kirsty from @AbacusBelper and delectable Kaye from @SocialMyna, who work closely with @TreeHugga , mean that I always have to make an extra special effort

abacus belper    Ross_hiding_face_bigger

– I don’t want them getting all the attention from the team now do I? I must make sure I catch Ross Lowe’s eye early on @RossCopywrite – he does a wonderful job of compering the night, and I’d like to see how he thinks my dress compares to the one he saw me in last time we were together… but then that’s a different story entirely. #winks

Ross Lowe

So please do excuse me. It’s time for me to take a soak in the bath before I get ready for tonight’s networking soirée. Now I’ve selected my dress (a lovely little black number which shows off my curves beautifully, I might add) the only decision I have to make is whether or not to close the curtains… oh, choices choices….

Until next time.


Julie XX


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